A podcast about two shitheads chismosiando and taking representation into our own hands. We aim to create a space for conversation critiquing everything we love like weed and music to everything we hate, like donald trump and the TTC

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Meet Trish, one half of your doubles y frijoles.
Trish is Trinidadian-Torontonian. She has a background in a number of different fields. Primarily passionate about the arts, Trish has directed, produced, acted and wrote for a number of stage productions since a young age. With a degree from George Browns Theatre Arts Program, theatre is something very close to her heart. She has a particular interest in hearing, learning and writing about the experiences of PoC, specifically Black folks. Trish aspires to help create a space for Black folks to have their stories both told and heard. Wether this be through theatre, poetry, writing, television or movies. 
This brings us to why podcasting sparked a fire in her. Trish hopes to use podcasting as another platform to use her voice, and hopes that this will call in her community. .


This is the second half to your doubles y frijoles. Meet Carolina. Carolina is Salvadorian- Guatemalan-Torontonian. She has a background in community building and academia. With an undergraduate degree in both equity studies and women and gender studies at University of Toronto, she has a passion for unlearning. Aside from education, she has a drive to find her community. In doing so, she has organized a number of events that reach out to the toronto lantinx community and lead discussions surrounding important issues effecting the community. 

This is why Carolina has a particular interest in podcasting. She hopes that the conversations she’s having will help communities of PoC to know their voices are heard and we can take up space. .



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